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Career Prospects

Graduates from this program can substantially contribute and add value to policy planning and intervention, public health services, hospital and healthcare organization management, education, research, communication and advocacy at the national and international level.

Graduates may find jobs at

  • Government organizations like IEDCR, Ministry of Health
  • International agencies like World Health Organization International Labor Organization Food and Agricultural Organization, World Bank, UNHCR, USAID, GIZ
  • Non-government organizations like BRAC, ActionAid, Marie Stopes, Helen Keller, Asia Foundation
  • Hospitals like United, Evercare, Square, Labaid
  • Research Organizations and Think Tanks-ICDDR,B, PPRC, CIPRB, CRP, CPD
  • Public health departments of universities
  • Consulting Companies

Position tittles of graduate may be as follows

  • Research Investigators, Scientists
  • Program Managers/ Evaluators
  • Directors, Team Leaders
  • Research Associates/Assistants
  • Research Coordinators
  • Faculty
  • Consultants

Opportunities for Higher Education:
MPH graduates from IUBAT can pursue their higher education at home and abroad. They can enroll in PhD program in Bangladesh or any country in Asia, Europe, Australia, England, Canada and United States of America (USA).