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Develop competent public health professionals who
1) Possess an up-to-date knowledge base and expertise in assessing, analyzing, evaluating and communicating the wide range of public health issues prevailing in the community, and
2) Are able to formulate, design and implement appropriate health programs, policies and strategies responsive.
3) perform as effective and efficient managers, leaders, and administrators in health care related organizations both in government and non-government sectors.
4) Apply critical thinking and inter-disciplinary skills to solve complex public health problems

Public Health Issues

Program Description

The MPH Program at IUBAT is a broad-based degree program that complies with national and international standards.  This program is approved by the University Grants Commission, Bangladesh.

Graduates will complete 18 courses totaling 60 credits including a practicum/internship and research work. However, a student may be allowed to take fewer than 18 courses and less than 60 credits if he gets exemption of one or more courses. The Program offers options so that students may choose various Specialization Tracks. The general track comprises 12 core courses, 4 elective courses of choice, 1 course for a dissertation/capstone project and 1 course for a practicum/internship. The Specialization Track offers the following areas:

    1. Epidemiology
    2. Hospital Management
    3. Health Education, Communication and Promotion
    4. Public Health Nutrition
    5. Occupational and Environmental Health
    6. Public Health Dentistry

Faculty Members

World class experienced faculty members are always ready to provide their knowledge to you. Come and see our faculty members and how they help you to shine in life.